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Kurdish Human Rights Project: This is the legacy website of the Kurdish Human Rights Project, containing reports and news pertaining to human rights issues in the Kurdish Regions for 20 years.

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Charity Awards

Charity Awards

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The passage of legal reforms aimed at improving human rights standards to meet EU accession requirements has failed to prevent the widespread and systematic deployment of torture and ill-treatment, according to a new book published by Kurdish Human Rights Project [1].

The book, 'Torture in Turkey: the Ongoing Practice of Torture and Ill-treatment' assesses the achievements and failures of Turkish authorities in preventing the torture and ill-treatment of individuals in detention and police custody.

The perpetrators are usually law enforcement officials, gendarmerie and security forces. Torture methods used include rape, beatings, food deprivation, continual blindfolding, spraying with pressurised cold water and various methods of psychological torture and abuse. There has also been a marked increase in more sophisticated methods that do not leave visible marks on the body, including electric shocks, Palestinian hangings and falaka (beating on the soles of the feet).

The issue is likely to be of critical importance in December 2004, when Turkey's EU accession bid is due to be reconsidered.

The book is written and edited by KHRP Executive Director Kerim Yildiz and researcher Juliet McDermott. It includes a comprehensive assessment of the status of torture in Turkey, including that used against women and children. It also contains recommendations to the Turkish government, EU and UN Commission on Human Rights of further constitutional amendments which could bring Turkey into compliance with international human rights standards.



[1] KHRP, 'Torture in Turkey: the Ongoing Practice of Torture and Ill-treatment' is available from KHRP for £8.00 plus postage and packaging.