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Kurdish Human Rights Project: This is the legacy website of the Kurdish Human Rights Project, containing reports and news pertaining to human rights issues in the Kurdish Regions for 20 years.

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Charity Awards

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Turkish forces acquitted in killing of father & son


KHRP learned from the family of Ahmet & Uğur Kaymaz that the four members of the Turkish security forces involved in their killing have been acquitted of charges of excessive force. The verdict was reached at Eskişehir Heavy Penal Court yesterday afternoon.

The killings, which prompted national and international attention, took place in November 2004 in Kızıltepe, south-east Turkey. Ahmat and Uğur Kaymaz were fired upon by undercover police a few metres from their home, just before having their evening meal with their family. Post mortem results revealed the ferocity of the attack on the father and son: 12 year-old Uğur received thirteen bullet wounds to his body and hands. His father Ahmet was shot four times. Claims by the security forces that the victims were armed were denied by all witnesses at the scene, and complaints made by the Kaymaz family prompted the indictment of the perpetrators on charges of excessive force.


In response to the killings KHRP sent a fact-finding mission to Kızıltepe, whose findings were published in March 2005. The opening hearing of the trial of the perpetrators was also observed by a KHRP mission in October 2005, and a report published on the proceedings in May 2006.*

The Kaymaz family expressed its shock in a telephone call to KHRP yesterday, shortly after the verdict - absolving the security forces of all wrongdoing in an unprovoked attack on an unarmed man and boy - was read. In response to the judgement KHRP Deputy Director Rachel Bernu stated: “One of the principal duties of any state is to uphold the right to life of each and every one of its citizens, regardless of their religion, ethnicity or background. Today’s verdict sadly demonstrates the clear denial of this right to Turkey’s Kurdish citizens, and also the impunity with which Turkish security forces can act against them. KHRP calls for an immediate appeal of the verdict, so that the perpetrators of these killings can be brought to justice”.

* See “Thirteen Bullets”: Extra-judicial Killings in Southeast Turkey , KHRP, 2005 and Effective Criminal Accountability? Extra-Judicial Killings on Trial , KHRP, 2006