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Kurdish Human Rights Project: This is the legacy website of the Kurdish Human Rights Project, containing reports and news pertaining to human rights issues in the Kurdish Regions for 20 years.

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Charity Awards

Charity Awards

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Gruber Justice Prize

Third International Conference on the EU, Turkey and the Kurds
Details for Third International Conference on the EU, Turkey and the Kurds
NameThird International Conference on the EU, Turkey and the Kurds

This report covers the key proceedings of the Third Annual EU-Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC) Conference, which was held on 16-17 October 2006 at the European Parliament in Brussels. Themed Time for Justice, Dialogue and Solution, the event was hosted by the founders of the EUTCC, namely the Bar Human Rights Committee (UK); the Kurdish Human Rights Project (UK); medico international (Germany); and the Rafto Foundation (Norway), and was supported by members of the European Parliament. The 2006 Conference focused on implementing a solution to the Kurdish Problem—the most difficult issue for Turkey in its bid to develop democracy. The Conference also focused on the need for fundamental changes to the judiciary; on the situation of internally displaced people; on continued violations of human rights; and on suggestions for compliance with the Copenhagen Criteria, specifically the obligation to respect and promote the rights of minority groups. The Conference concluded with the adoption of new resolutions.

This publication attempts to shed light on particular areas of concern for a successful accession process by bringing together the leading speeches and papers of the 2006 Conference, including its Final Resolutions.

The EUTCC was established in November 2004 as the outcome of the first international Conference on ‘The EU, Turkey and the Kurds’ held in the European Parliament in Brussels on 22-23 November 2004. The EUTCC aims to both promote and provide suggestions for Turkey’s bid for EU accession, and to help guarantee respect for human and minority rights and a peaceful, democratic and long-term solution to the Kurdish situation. The EUTCC monitors and conducts regular audits of Turkey’s compliance with the accession criteria, as defined in the accession agreements. It also makes recommendations, acts as a point of contact, and exchanges information, with the institutions of the EU and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

ISBN: 9781905592159 

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