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KHRP | Kurdish Human Rights Project

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Kurdish Human Rights Project: This is the legacy website of the Kurdish Human Rights Project, containing reports and news pertaining to human rights issues in the Kurdish Regions for 20 years.

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Charity Awards

Charity Awards

Gruber Prize


Gruber Justice Prize

Notice of malicious email sent to all registered KHRP website users
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 05:30

Last Friday 26 March, hackers entered KHRP‘s website and sent out a malicious email to its registered users using a KHRP e-mail address  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The fake e-mail was entitled 'New Book' to announce a supposedly new preliminary study published by KHRP which was available in a new exe format for windows systems. It called for recipients to turn off their antivirus software.

If you have not already done so, PLEASE DELETE AND DO NOT OPEN THIS EMAIL AS IT CONTAINS A TROJAN. Trojan horses are designed to allow a hacker remote access to a target computer system. They are not viruses however, so receiving and downloading a message that contains one, in and of itself will not harm your computer.  However, once opened, the access for the hacker can make anything possible.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this security breach and for any inconvenience this has caused. We take this matter very seriously. We are currently investigating how KHRP’s website’s security was compromised and as a matter of urgency we are implementing practical measures to ensure that this does not happen again.